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About Sunny Botanica

Founded with more than 15 years of health and wellness experience.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always taken the alternative route with my approach to health care but it was a Category 5 hurricane that ultimately turned my world around… and my occupation.


Developing SunnyBotanica came about in my search for something to help my aging German Shepherd, Ruby. I tried several products on the market from all over the country until I found a Houston based company that was remarkably far more superior to anything else I’d tried.

Our Story:

Ruby was our German Shepherd dog and friend. She had a happy and active life up until about age 11 when her hips started to go. After doing research I started her on CBD drops twice a day. It made such a difference almost immediately. She was able to get up and down so much easier without help. I feel like CBD drops gave Ruby so much more quality of life in the last year of her life.

I was so impressed with how CBD helped my dog Ruby with her joints, that I started taking it myself. I have been taking CBD now as a supplement since 2016. I typically take about a 20 mg dose daily. I know it has (along with yoga) helped me to keep up with my very busy massage practice. I love my work but it is taxing on the body.  I feel so much better after a long day. No more little annoying aches and pains. I also like to keep a bottle of CBD drops by my bedside for nights I have trouble sleeping. It calms me and quiets my mind to sleep through the night. 

Because of Ruby’s and my own positive experience with CBD, I chose to combine my personal and professional experience to develop SunnyBotanica — The feedback has been so encouraging and positive that I’m continuing to build and add more products to the line.

Houston has been very good to us and we will forever be connected to our good friends and family here but it’s time to move on back to where we started in the US Virgin Islands.

St Thomas USVI was struck by not one but two very powerful category 5 hurricanes in 2017.

We love the islands and want to be a part of the rebuilding and be able to enjoy this phase in our lives doing the things we love while we can.

I’m happy to announce that SunnyBotanica will be based out of the USVI by winter 2020. We plan to continue to improve and grow with the industry by staying up to date with new technology and products to provide a clean honest product y’all can trust.

Cheers to good health, Wellness, and new beginnings.

Lisa McKelvey

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Whether you are looking for organic CBD products for yourself, a family member or a beloved pet, you have a variety of flavors and products to choose from here at Sunny Botanica.

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